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Little Orphan Annie

The Little Orphan Annie radio program, which began in 1931, was the first newspaper comic strip to make the leap to nationwide radio, and the first radio program aimed at children. Each episode was broadcast twice, once from Chicago for the Eastern half of the United States featuring Shirley Bell as Annie, and also from San Francisco for the West Coast radio stations featuring Floy Margaret Hughes as Annnie.

Surviving Episodes of Little Orphan Annie

1934 Little Orphan Annie, The Tin Box >

October 18, 1935 Little Orphan Annie, Annie's Big Surprise Birthday Party >

October 21, 1935 Little Orphan Annie, Jake is Sick >

October 23, 1935 Little Orphan Annie, Jake Needs Help in Emporium >

October 25, 1935 Little Orphan Annie, Annie and Joe Help Jake >

June 16, 1936 Little Orphan Annie, The Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary >

June 17, 1936 Little Orphan Annie, Who Shot Tom Baine's Dog? >

1936 Little Orphan Annie, The Auction Sale of Jed's Showboat >

1936 episode 59Little Orphan Annie, Going to Mississippi >

1936 episode 1018Little Orphan Annie, Mr. Flint Sells Stock in the Toll Bridge >

1936 episode 1019Little Orphan Annie, Mr. Flint tries to sell stock to Jake >

1936 episode 1020Little Orphan Annie, Watching the Bridge Being Built >

1936 episode 1021Little Orphan Annie, Second Grade Logs used in the Bridge >

1936 episode 1026Little Orphan Annie, Tony is Arrested for Robbery >

1936 episode 1027Little Orphan Annie, A Light in the Old Deserted House >

1936 episode 1038Little Orphan Annie, Bill Corwin has Disappeared >

1936 episode 1039Little Orphan Annie, Looking for Bill Corwin >

1936 episode 1066Little Orphan Annie, The Bridge is Destroyed >

1936 episode 1067Little Orphan Annie, The Telegram for Mr. Silo >

1936 episode 1068Little Orphan Annie, Mr. Silo Prepares for a Trip >

1936 episode 1069Little Orphan Annie, Annie and Joe are Going on a Trip >

1936 episode 1196Little Orphan Annie, Spies have Stolen the Plane >

1936 episode 1197Little Orphan Annie, Flying in the New Silent Airplane >

1936 episode 1534Little Orphan Annie, Building a Radio Transmitter >

1936 episode 1535Little Orphan Annie, Daddy Warbucks Searches for Annie >

1936 episode 1536Little Orphan Annie, Queen of the Island >

1936 episode 1537Little Orphan Annie, Diamonds >

1936 episode 1538Little Orphan Annie, Testing for Diamonds >

1936 episode 1539Little Orphan Annie, Daddy Warbucks Hears Radio Signals >

1936 episode 1554Little Orphan Annie, The Temple in the Jungle >

November 20, 1940 Little Orphan Annie, Annie and Joe Follow the Mystery Woman >

November 21, 1940 Little Orphan Annie, The Black Jackets are Suspected of Setting off the Bomb >

1940 Little Orphan Annie, Monte is Captured by the Kirby Pearl Smuggling Gangsters >

1940 Little Orphan Annie, Night on the Island >

1947 Little Orphan Annie, The Pearl Diver >

1947 Little Orphan Annie, Smugglers Pearls Summer >