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Let George Do It newspaper advertisement

George Valentine was a private detective who advertised in the local newspaper for clients by listing a bunch of jobs that a client might need help with and ending with "Let George Do It." Bob Bailey starred as George Valentine for most of the episodes. Valentine had a secretary Claire Brooks who he always called 'Brooksie,' played in the pilot episode by Shirley Mitchell. For the regular shows her part was played by Frances Robinson until December 1949 when Virginia Gregg took over as Brooksie. In March of 1951 Michael Ann Barrett was the voice of Brooksie, and for one episode in September of 1954 her part was played by Lillian Buyeff. Brooksie had a younger brother Sonny, played by Eddie Firestone, Jr. and Joseph Kearns was the voice of Caleb the elevator operator. John Hiestand was the show's announcer.

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